Hacking an RC Car

As a test, I decided to hack an existing piece of consumer electronic and control it with an Arduino. I took apart my son’s $10 toy RC car and used a wire to contact the battery’s positive terminal to random points on the circuit board until I isolated which circuits control the steering and motor. Once I located these circuits, I soldered wires to these points and connected them to pins on an Arduino.

My Arduino happens to be connected to a PS2 shield, so I made some slight modifications to my PS2 controller sketch to digitalWrite the appropriate pins to HIGH. Here’s the sketch:

#include "Shield_PS2.h"

PS2 ps2=PS2();
unsigned long time;
int fwPin = 8;
int bwPin = 9;

void setup() {
  ps2.init(9600, 2, 3);
  pinMode(fwPin, OUTPUT);
  pinMode(bwPin, OUTPUT);
  Serial.println("PS2 Shield initialized.");

void loop() { 
  // Button Status: 1 = not pressed, 0 = pressed
  if (ps2.getval(p_square) == 0) {
    digitalWrite(bwPin, HIGH);
  else {
    digitalWrite(bwPin, LOW);

  // CROSS
  if (ps2.getval(p_cross) == 0) {
    digitalWrite(fwPin, HIGH);
  else {
    digitalWrite(fwPin, LOW);

void printTime () {
  time = millis();
  Serial.print(") ");

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