Mobile Artillery: Multiplayer

With the core shooting mechanic mostly in place, I took this little prototype a few steps further by building out several new systems. First priority was to write the sign in flow and lobby to match players together for a game.

Once in a room, the server randomly generates an arena and replicates it for all players (at least for the main obstacles, the explosive barrels aren’t showing up for clients at the moment!).

Projectiles now consume mana – which grows over time. I built a UI system similar to the one I ripped from Clash Royale in an earlier test.

I converted the projectile class to be a scriptable object to more easily stamp out a variety of different behaviors and effects. So far, I made a teleporter, napalm, a projectile that has a spinning array of child projectiles that I call “Mother Bird”, and another that explodes into baby projectile bubbles on each collision.

I also added a temporary shield that protects the player from most incoming attacks from the front. Speaking of which, players can now die and respawn properly and the number of KOs is used to determine a winner when the match time runs out.

I’ve now taken this little proto a lot further than I was planning to, but I’m very much itching to try and make some basic bots to fill the arena (and figure out how to write logic for aiming and readjusting as conditions change). Stay tuned!

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