EPXCon 2014

EPXCon 2014

University of Iowa  EPXCon 2014

I was invited to speak at this year’s EPXCon at University of Iowa’s beautiful Art Building West. It’s the first time I’ve spoken for a college audience and I was really surprised to see a bunch of families with young kids in the lecture hall all sporting their Skylanders T-shirts and toys! I had a great time hanging out and sharing my experiences with all the staff and wide eyed students.

As a convention focused on Animation and Games, I was asked to give two 45-minute talks: the first about my career development and the other a “master-class” demo on a topic of my choosing. I chose to talk about “Animating Responsive Player Characters For Games” because it’s a topic few books cover in any specific detail and an area most junior animators spend a lot of time tripping over – I know I did. Sometimes it’s very easy to get caught up in trying to make a beautiful animation that we forget that we are creating a game – something that can, at times, be at odds with the principles we’ve been trained to adhere to all throughout school. Sometimes I find it helpful to describe myself as a “Game Developer” rather than an “Animator” just to keep my focus pointed in the right direction. Below is the Keynote presentation I talked through (no audio, sorry!):

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