Lock Master (Part 2)


I’ve been having a blast recreating this Skylander mini-game, so I’ve decided to build it out a little further than I had originally planned. Besides for fleshing out additional mechanics, like teleportation and death, and implementing the actual character model + animations, I also wanted to 1) fully utilize the canvas and 2) try to add some kind of touch element to give this port a uniquely mobile spin. What I came up with was the idea of moveable walls. I was hoping Unity would have some kind of built in function to conveniently handle these common types of events, but it turns out, there isn’t. I ended up writing a solution from scratch. As difficult and frustrating as it was, I’m pretty pleased with how natural the implementation turned out. In this second part, I learned how to:

  • Incorporate Maya assets in Unity
  • Import, manage, and call on animations created in Maya
  • Author and manage particles
  • Utilize yields
  • Detect and identify touch phases
  • Convert screen coordinates to world and vice versa
  • Calculate vector deltas
  • Ray cast and detect hits

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