An Endless Jumper


Recently, I’ve been fascinated with games designed specifically for minimal input. You tend to find these types of games in mobile because the more buttons you have on screen, the more you have to learn and the smaller your viewing area becomes. Say what you will about the depth of these experiences, but I find that there’s an elegance in the minimalism.

I’m also particularly drawn to these because I’m looking for something simple and focused to try and recreate as part of my self assigned curriculum. I’ve settled on building an endless jumper where the idea is to go as high up as you possibly can without falling. I built this little test in the TFB tool for the Wii. By tilting the Wiimote left or right, you can control where the smiley (this got lost in the video capture) little Box Boy goes.

In this test, I learned how to:

  • Utilize the Wiimote’s accelerometer
  • Screen wrap
  • Manipulate collision based on vertical acceleration
  • Identify a “death” state
  • Create a cutscene

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