A Pong Clone


I’ve decided to set aside Unity, for now, to focus on a tool more relevant to my day-to-day: the TFB (Toys for Bob) Tool. It’s a proprietary game development tool with a proprietary scripting language that our Game Designers use to construct levels, manage assets, write logic, or in other words: make the game. As an Animator, I’m primarily concerned with asset creation, so it’s really neat to hop over to see what’s on the other side of the wall.

Starting off simple, my goal is to 1) learn the unique TFB scripting language, and 2) recreate a simple 2D game for the Wii using the Wiimote’s nunchuk analog stick as the input. I chose Pong. Building on the lessons from the previous Asteroids test, I’ve accumulated a few more knowledge points! I now know how to:

  • Import and manage Maya assets
  • Write simulated physics
  • Utilize break points for debugging
  • Manage two controllers
  • Identify a “win” state

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