Unity3D: Getting My Feet Wet


Before life as an Animator, I once worked as a Web Developer. What I miss most about that life was the ability to single handedly create an experience from start to finish. I’d start with the conceptual task of designing the experiential flow, move to the artistic task of constructing its visual manifestation + flavor, and finish things off with the technical task of writing JavaScript to give the screen delightful responsiveness.

Since then, I’ve always wanted to be able to take an idea for a game experience from start to finish in the same way. So, in 2009, I purchased a Macbook and a copy of Unity iPhone and dived right in. I personally believe the best way to learn how to make complicated things is to break up the prerequisite concepts into smaller, more manageable independent projects. Since this was my first game attempt, I decided to construct a flavor of the classic game, Asteroids. The goals for this test were to familiarize myself with:

  • Programming to a loop
  • Asset instantiation/management/clean up
  • Creating dynamic hazards
  • Collision
  • Sound
  • UI construction/maintenance
  • Relative/dynamic positioning in the third dimension
  • Transform hierarchies
  • Programmatic motion
  • Input methods unique to mobile (touch + accelerometer)

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