Doodles in FB Graffiti


In 2007, Facebook announced its intention to be a platform for applications and opened up its API to independent developers. Of the many apps that came out was one called Graffiti (above). It’s a rudimentary paint app stripped down to just three definitions: 1) Color, 2) Opacity, and 3) Brush Width. It really reminds me of the tool I used to make the many .RIP illustrations as part of ACiD productions in the mid 90’s.

As an artist who works primarily on the computer, I find I’m often spoiled by digital luxuries like Saving duplicate files, Layers, and Post-processing. It tends to encourage you to be completely indecisive. I was totally charmed by the lack of sophistication with this tool (and the satisfaction of being able to gift friends with my creations) so I started cranking out one doodle each day. What started as a handful of cartoon doodles ended up as over 60+ illustrations that got more and more detailed and challenging. I’m especially proud of the way the drowning ducky came out, but here are a few other favorites (done with a mouse):








…and here are some more animated timelapses:





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